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Hello, fellow hubbers and other visitors. Since I was kid, I like writing very much, and thanks to Hubpages I have chances to practice it. I will use Hubpages to make a chronicle of my online journey about bad, good, nasty and beautiful things I found about virtual life on various social networks.

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    Cyberbully Profile “Impersonator”

    2 days ago

    One of the most dangerous cyberbullies out there is what I call "impersonator". A faceless person who you meet online, hiding behind his keyboard. Learn how to recognize his characteristics now.

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    How Online Relationship Can be So Ridiculous

    5 days ago

    People say love is blind. I guess it is true. It can turn off our logic to discern things wisely and even turns us into something else. Should we just let our emotions stronger that our logic?

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    Cyber Bullies Profiles 3: Cyber Stalkers

    2 years ago

    We have talked about attention seeker bullies and narcissistic bullies profiles. Now, we will talk about cyber stalker profiles. There are various types of cyber stalkers. People who can be called as cyber stalker have...

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    Cyber Bullies Profile 2: Narcissistic Bully

    2 years ago

    There are different types of cyber bullies. One of them is narcissistic bully. This article will show you some characteristic of narcissistic bullies.

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    Cyber Bullies Profiles 1: Attention Seeker Profile

    2 years ago

    There different profiles of cyber bullies. One of them is attention seeker bully. This article will explain the characteristic of the attention seeker bully.

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